The secrets to machine washing

You use your washer often, but do you know all the tricks so you never make a mistake?
Never underestimate proper laundry management to maximise the efficiency of your washing machine.
When you follow Chanteclair’s tips for cleaning, the results will be excellent and extend the lives of your favourite clothes!!



How to correct laundry mistakes: all the tips and tricks

Fixing laundry mistakes is essential to saving damaged garments, and dealing with certain common errors requires knowledge and patience.

Do not be discouraged if you make a mistake. There are several solutions. Prevention is important, but act promptly if you have made a mistake. Accidental stains require immediate action, such as using white vinegar or baking soda. Excessive use of bleach can also be corrected by additional rinsing and washing.

Follow the tips in this guide to fix washing mistakes. We will give you many tips to correct a washing mistake!

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Washing machine cycles: everything you need to know

Washing machine cycles are essential to optimise the washing of your clothes while reducing water and energy consumption. Modern washing machines offer various cycles, each designed and developed to meet specific needs. Two of the most common cycles are Cotton, ideal for durable cotton garments, but especially for bed linens and towels, and Synthetics, for synthetic materials and fabrics, such as polyester or nylon.

Discover our tips for choosing washing machine cycles for unbeatable cleanliness!

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How to wash colored items in the washing machine: all the steps to avoid mistakes

Washing coloured garments in the washing machine is simple and effective, as long as you always consider the colour combination, the wash programme and the right detergent to avoid unwanted stains or discolouration.

In general, we recommend that you sort coloured items in the washing machine into three main groups: white, coloured and dark. This will help to preserve the colours of your garments and keep them bright and vibrant.

Discover our advice on how to wash coloured clothes in the washing machine so you never make a washing mistake again!

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Chanteclair products for clothing care

Discover the entire range of Chanteclair products, specially formulated for your laundry. Remove stubborn stains, leaving your clothes soft and smelling fresh.

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How to treat fabrics

Follow our recommendations and discover how to take care of your laundry.

How to treat fabrics

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