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Quality, authenticity and effectiveness. 

These are the values that have distinguished Chanteclair products since their inception.


Year Founded

Chanteclair is an historic brand founded in the 1900s in Marseille, when the master soap maker Auguste Roustan patents a formula based only on natural ingredients for the production of world-famous Marseille Soap, distinctive for its authentic and unmistakable clean scent.


Development and Growth

A project is launched to develop and grow the Chanteclair brand and its products. Year after year, it consolidates its leadership in the market.


First Liquid Soap in Italy

Alongside the historic range of Chanteclair products, with their distinctive Marseille scent, including soap in the form of a cube or in flakes, the innovative Laundry Soap is born, with the very first liquid formula in Italy.


First Detergents and Fabric Softeners

The first Chanteclair Laundry Detergents and Fabric Softeners are born, products created with natural formulas available not only in the classic Marseille scent, but also with the floral note of White Musk, a fragrance that remains part of the brand story to this day.

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First Universal Degreaser

É il grande anno di svolta della marca: viene lanciato lo Sgrassatore Universale Chanteclair in un detergente che, come narra il payoff pubblicitario, "lo usi su tutto, funziona dappertutto!".

Classic degreaser


Eco-Centered Chanteclair

This year marks the second stage in the brand’s great innovation. The first laundry detergent with an extremely concentrated formula is launched on the Italian market: Chanteclair Econcentrato!


New, Increasingly Effective Formulas

The range of concentrated fabric softeners and laundry detergents continues to evolve. New, even more concentrated and effective formulas are part of the Chanteclair family of products. Sensitive Laundry Detergent and Blue Jasmine Concentrated Softener are born.

Sensitive line


New Formulas With Bleach

The Chanteclair family of degreasers is back in the spotlight! Not only the three main scents — Marseille, Lemon and Lavender — but from 2014, the universal detergent is also available in a new formula with bleach for safe cleaning throughout the house.

Degreasers with Bleach


Version With Baking Soda

Further expansion of the Degreaser range. The formula with baking soda is born, for a brilliant clean without streaks.

Baking soda also finds its way into the family of Laundry Detergents with a product that guarantees fresh and sanitised laundry. The Colour Detergent is also born.

Degreaser with Baking Soda


Universal Descaler

The latest and greatest Chanteclair innovation: Universal Limescale Remover.

All the efficacy of Chanteclair in a cleaner to make your bathroom shine, removing even the most stubborn limescale.

Universal Descaler


The Concentrates

Chanteclair launches I Concentrati, a collection of concentrated fabric softeners and a fragrance booster, available in 4 scents, to ensure maximum softness and a long-lasting fragrance for your laundry.

Concentrated line


Upside Down

The Universal Degreaser even works upside-down

Universal Degreasers

The story continues...

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