Quality and Responsibility

"The Chanteclair brand has always guaranteed only high-quality products, the result of constant scientific and technological research, generated thanks to rigorous and mindful production processes. We operate with a sense of maximum responsibility towards humankind and nature.”

Quality and Responsibility are two vital concepts for Chanteclair, which involve us all, from researching and developing new products to their distribution, ensuring Chanteclair’s absolute commitment to protecting the whole ecosystem.

The quality of Chanteclair’s products is first of all guaranteed by the careful selection of the raw ingredients used, which are skilfully mixed by the Research and Development Team to create the innovative and high-performing formulas behind Chanteclair’s detergents.

Let's not forget the packaging! Primary and secondary packaging, is obtained more and more frequently from responsibly managed sources with low environmental impact.
Quality governs all the procedures and production processes involved in packaging Chanteclair products. These processes are planned with extreme attention to obtaining detergents that perform well in the wash and completely satisfy the end customer’s needs.
In order to make this approach a reality, as required by our company’s Quality and Responsibility ethos, all companies that package Chanteclair products are certified under ISO9001 – which defines the system management requirements for organisational quality control – and ISO14001 – which identifies the environmental management system (EMS) of an organisation.

The production sites that manufacture Chanteclair products follow management procedures which are in line with AISE sustainability programmes, known as Charter. This is a voluntary initiative developed with the aim of encouraging the industry as a whole to continually improve its sustainability in terms of environmental impact and product safety, as well as encouraging consumers to adopt washing, cleaning and household care habits which are more sustainable.

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