Cotton is a natural fibre mainly made of cellulose. We get it from the tropical plant of the same name. The cotton plant produces an oval-shaped fruit full of seeds that generates the cotton fibre used to spin the textile yarn since antiquity.

Cotton fibre is highly resistant to hot water and ironing. It is excellent at absorbing moisture and a good heat conductor. It also helps dissipate body heat. Some of the downsides to this fibre are its lack of elasticity and its tendency to shrink.

Cotton can be hand or machine washed. We recommend using fabric softener to help the fibres stretch. Drying in direct sunlight is not recommended because white cotton tends to yellow.



All our tips for washing towels and keeping them soft

Towels are an essential part of your daily routine, and keeping them soft is good for your comfort. Obviously, over time, frequent use and washing can reduce their original softness. In this guide, we will provide helpful methods and tricks for washing towels to preserve their softness.
Proper care during all washing cycles will not only keep the fabric soft and pleasant to the touch but will also help increase its durability. From proper detergents to proper drying, we will guide you on washing towels to make them last a long time without compromising comfort and fibre quality.

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How to wash tablecloths: all the tips

The tablecloth is a versatile and practical item often exposed to stains from food, oil and other liquids during meals. Washing a tablecloth correctly is essential to keeping it clean and fresh while preserving its appearance and helping it last a long time.

Follow our simple steps to wash your tablecloth flawlessly. We will explore different options, such as hand washing or machine washing, and give you tips on how to deal with stubborn stains, use the appropriate detergents and set your washing machine for optimal results.

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How do I wash jeans: all the tricks for long-lasting denim

Do you already know how to wash jeans? Denim is one of the most popular and versatile fabrics but we often wonder whether we are washing it the right way to keep our jeans in perfect condition for a long time. These fascinating and historic garments started out as workwear and have conquered the heart of modern fashion.

In this guide we will reveal all the tips and tricks for the best way to care for denim. From the right temperature to the ideal wash cycle, you will learn how to preserve the colour, shape and elasticity of your beloved denim garments. Get ready to discover how to achieve a perfect, long-lasting look!

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Chanteclair products for clothing care

Discover the entire range of Chanteclair products, specially formulated for your laundry. Remove stubborn stains, leaving your clothes soft and smelling fresh.

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