Linen is a natural textile fibre from the herbaceous flax plant native to Egypt.

This fibre is extracted from the stem, which can grow up to one metre tall. The flax plant has a short-lived blue and pink flower. Linen is 70% cellulose. It is great for allergies, it absorbs moisture and it allows the skin to breathe, making it excellent for summer clothing, bed sheets, table cloths, bath towels and handkerchiefs.

It is very resilient, especially when wet. It can be washed many times and stay looking nice.

White linen clothing should be machine washed at 60 °C, colours at lower temperatures and preferably on delicate cycles.



How to wash a linen tablecloth without ruining it

Washing a linen tablecloth is a delicate operation. It is essential to preserve the natural beauty and unique texture of this exceptional material. Washing a linen tablecloth requires special care to avoid damage or shrinkage. Linen is a natural fabric known for its elegance and durability but can be sensitive to incorrect washing. In this short guide, we will explore practical tips for washing a linen tablecloth without ruining it. With the correct method and tips, you can maintain the quality of this extraordinary fabric so you can continue to grace your table on special occasions with the tablecloth you love best.

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How do you wash linen sheets? Tricks for flawless laundry

Washing linen sheets requires special care to maintain their softness and durability. Linen is a valuable natural fabric known for its breathability and durability.

Following some specific guidelines, your linen sheets will remain fresh, clean and pleasant to the touch.

Here are the tips!

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How to wash a linen shirt: A guide to timeless garments

Washing a linen shirt requires certain care to maintain its quality and preserve its natural beauty. Linen is a light and breathable fabric but can be prone to wrinkling and shrinkage if treated improperly.
Here are some guidelines on how to wash a linen shirt correctly.

First of all, we advise you to read the labels on the shirt carefully for the manufacturer's instructions. As a rule, linen shirts require gentle hand washing or machine washing on a gentle cycle.

Follow these simple instructions to wash your linen shirt correctly and keep it in top condition over time. Always remember to pay attention to the manufacturer's instructions and treat linen with care to preserve its natural beauty.

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