How to wash silk without ruining it

Protecting your silk garments from time and stains is not as hard a task as it may appear. This elegant yet delicate fabric requires a bit of care to keep it in perfect condition. In this article, we will reveal all the tricks to protecting your silk garments so that they always look as good as new. Get ready to discover the secrets of caring for your precious silk fabrics.

How should I wash silk, and how should it be stored?

Silk is known for its elegance and luxurious feel. To keep it at its best, it is essential to know how to wash it properly. Before starting the washing process, always check the care label on your silk and read the manufacturer's instructions.

Usually, silk requires special care. It is preferable to wash it by hand with cold or lukewarm water. Use a mild detergent, ideal for this fabric or other natural fibres. Do not let it soak too long, and do not rub it aggressively. After finishing washing, rinse thoroughly with cold water.

What temperature should I wash silk at?

Silk is extremely sensitive to high temperatures, so it is essential to avoid hot water or high-temperature washing. Cold or lukewarm water is the best choice to preserve the lustre and softness of silk. Also, avoid using bleach or overly harsh detergents that could damage delicate fibres.

When it is time to dry the silk, do not wring or twist it, as this could ruin the fabric. Instead, lay it on a flat surface or use a tumble dryer at a low temperature. Better yet, dry it outdoors to avoid excessive heat.

How do I restore silk’s lustre?

Over time, silk can lose its natural lustre, but there are a number of ways to bring it back. After washing as described above, use a low-temperature steam iron to revive its shine. Do this while the fabric is still slightly damp.

Alternatively, you can hang your silk garments in a damp room to let them 'breathe' and regain their original lustre. Silk is a precious fabric, and with the right care, it will remain as shiny and soft as new.

What product should I use to wash silk?

When you want to keep your silk collection shiny and intact, choosing the right detergent is essential. Chanteclair White Musk Laundry Detergent is your ideal solution for cleaning silk with care and safety. This product is formulated with a natural soap, the perfect choice to preserve your garment’s fibres and colours.

White Musk Laundry Detergent can be used for hand and machine washing, giving you maximum versatility for the care of your silk fabrics. In addition, its range of fragrances, including Marseille and White Musk, will allow you to enjoy fresh, clean-scented garments. This will help you effectively preserve the beauty and softness of your silk fabrics over time.

Take note!

Following these five tips, your silk clothing will always look as fresh as if it just came out of the shop:

  1. Cold or lukewarm water: Use cold or lukewarm water to wash silk garments. Hot water could damage the fibres and cause shrinkage.
  2. Wash separately: Washing silk garments separately from other fabrics avoids the risk of chafing or colour transfer. Silk can be delicate and requires special treatment.
  3. Gentle drying: After washing, do not wring or twist silk garments. Instead, lay them on a flat surface or use a towel to absorb excess moisture. Avoid tumble dryers, as the hot air may damage the fabric.
  4. Iron at low temperature: If you need to iron silk garments, be sure to do so at low temperatures. Use a cloth between the iron and the silk to protect the fabric further.
  5. Read the care label: Before washing your silk garments, carefully check the care label. The manufacturer's instructions will guide you through the best practices to care for your silk fabrics.

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