How to care for leather bags

Leather bags are a symbol of style, elegance and durability. They are an investment that can last for years when treated with love and care. In this article, we will guide you through the secrets of caring for your leather handbags to keep them in impeccable condition. From protection to cleaning, find out how to return your precious leather bag to as good as new.

How do I protect the leather of handbags?

Protection is the first essential step to keeping your leather bag safe from damage. Use a dedicated leather protection product, available in many leather goods shops. Before using any product, test it on a small hidden area of the bag to ensure it does not ruin or stain the material. Apply the product evenly over the entire surface of the bag and let it dry completely before using it again. This crucial step will help repel dirt, moisture and stains, keeping the leather beautiful and intact.

Moisturising the leather of handbags: why it is important

Hydration plays an essential role in the care of leather bags. In addition to regular cleaning, it is essential to keep the leather moisturised, preventing it from drying out and cracking over time. To do this, it is advisable to use a leather balm or moisturising cream designed especially for leather. Apply the product to the entire surface of the bag with a soft cloth, making sure to cover the whole surface. Gently massage the balm or cream into the leather and wait for it to completely absorb.

Regular moisturising of the handbag’s leather keeps the material soft, flexible and wear-resistant. This practice protects your leather from drying out and deteriorating and helps to prolong its life. Proper care for the leather preserves both the appearance of your bag and its function. This keeps it elegant and intact over the years

How to remove dirt from a leather handbag

Despite the best precautions, you may still stain your leather bag. In such cases, it is crucial to act quickly. Use a soft, clean cloth slightly moistened with water and gently dab the stain. Avoid rubbing the skin, as you may worsen the situation. If the stain persists, try using a mild detergent specifically for leather.

However, if the stains are stubborn or your bag is particularly valuable, we recommend you consult a professional. Regular cleaning and maintenance will keep your leather bag in a desirable state.

What product should I use for leather bags?

When caring for leather bags, choosing the right product is crucial. Chanteclair Wool and Cashmere Detergent proves to be a valuable ally. Its formula enriched with Argan oil provides a conditioning effect, ideal for leather surfaces. This detergent is designed for delicate garments made of natural fibres, and its action helps to protect them over time.

The versatility of Wool and Cashmere Detergent is another point in its favour, as it is suitable for both hand and machine washing. Choose this detergent for the leather of your bags and in this way you will ensure the gentle care and attention they deserve, preserving their beauty and durability.

Take note!

By following these five tips, you can enjoy the beauty and elegance of your leather bags for a long time:

  1. Periodic Cleaning: Regular cleaning is essential to keep your leather bag in top condition. Wipe off with a soft, dry cloth.
  2. Handwash: If possible, wash your leather bag by hand to ensure gentle treatment.
  3. Natural drying: After cleaning, leave the bag to dry in the open air, avoiding direct heat sources.
  4. Protection from Rain: Use a leather protector to prevent moisture damage.
  5. Rotate your Bags: Alternate the use of your bags to avoid excessive wear and tear.

Constant care and attention are essential to preserve their splendour over the years.

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