Our promise

Chanteclair’s historic origins were founded on two extremely important  pillars  which have guided the brand towards its outstanding success to date.

Two emblematic products mark mark our history: our Marseille Soap, the brand’s flagship product, which is still available today for our loyal customers; and our Universal Degreaser, a cleaner which offers a professional level of efficacy and serves a number of purposes, which many use for cleaning inside and outside the home.
In addition to these two products that have marked our history, Chanteclair offers its customers a wide variety of products ranging from laundry detergents to specific products used in treating and cleaning household surfaces.
As a brand with solid roots, we have become a part of the memory of the Italian consumers’ who choose our products for the care of their clothing and the cleanliness of their homes
Guaranteed effectiveness
From the research for high-performance formulas, subjected to a process of continuous optimisation to ensure full customer satisfaction
Because Chanteclair renews its commitment to offering concrete solutions to the everyday needs of families on a daily basis, demonstrating that it is a valid and sincere brand

Represented in our products that are rich in authentic raw ingredients, selected by operating with deep respect for the environment throughout the entire production cycle, from production to distribution across the territory
The Chanteclair promise can be summed up in our ongoing commitment to offer families a complete range of purposely-studied products, which perform excellently, and are so innovative that they represent the perfect solution to satisfy their household cleaning needs.
Our promise is continuously repeated in the brand’s famous jingle in all the company’s advertising campaigns: you already know the answer to the rhetorical question “Who cleans better than Chanteclair?”...

Freephone number (in Italy)

800 92 93 77

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