Outdoor furniture: how to take care of your outdoor furniture

When caring for your veranda, terrace or garden furniture, following a few basic steps will ensure a cosy and genuinely cheerful corner. The first piece of advice? Avoid stubborn dirt from accumulating that could spoil the beauty of your furniture! Always consider that when the sun shines, you should protect your furniture from UV rays with suitable covers. Covers will keep them safe from the elements and extend their life. Furthermore, it is a good idea to store them indoors during the winter season to avoid weather damage.

Finally, seriously consider the use of protective sealants. If your furniture is made of wood or metal, an appropriate \ sealant will help repel moisture and prevent rust and staining. A little regular maintenance will make the difference in keeping your outdoor furniture like new, allowing you to enjoy every moment of your outdoor life.

By following these simple steps, you can fully enjoy your outdoor space in all its beauty and comfort without worrying about damage or deterioration . Dedicated care will pay off with long moments of relaxation and outdoor fun! Read on to discover all the tips for taking care of your outdoor furniture:

Cleaning outdoor furniture: what not to do

To preserve the beauty of your outdoor furniture, there are a few things you should absolutely avoid! First, avoid using aggressive or abrasive cleaners that could damage surfaces. For example, do not use stiff brushes or metal wool pads, as they could scratch and ruin materials.

When cleaning outdoor furniture, there are some golden rules to keep in mind to avoid unintentional damage. As already mentioned, avoid the use of aggressive cleaners or stiff brushes that could scratch or damage furniture surfaces. Remember to read product labels carefully to make sure they are suitable for your furniture materials. Remember to clean the outdoor area, too: if you haven't already done so, follow all the tips on how to clean your balcony, terrace or veranda quickly and easily to make it a beautiful space.

Also, avoid using high-pressure water jets as they may damage the paint or seep into cracks causing future problems. Don’t leave cushions or upholstery exposed to the rain or prolonged sunshine, as moisture and UV rays may cause staining, fading and deterioration. Don’t neglect regular cleaning or allow dirt and debris to accumulate, as this could cause permanent damage to the furniture. Finally, don't forget to protect it during the winter months: cover or store your outdoor furniture in a dry place to avoid damage from cold and damp. Following these precautions, you can avoid problems and preserve the long-term appearance and function of your outdoor furniture.

How to clean metal outdoor furniture

Cleaning metal outdoor furniture may seem simple enough: brush away debris and dust with a soft brush. Then, make a solution of water and mild detergent and wipe the metal surfaces with a soft cloth. Rub gently to avoid abrasions: pay careful attention to intricate parts or hard-to-reach corners.

If you notice rust, you can remove it with a steel brush or fine sandpaper. Apply a product that acts as a rust primer and then a varnish to protect the surface. Avoid abrasive products or aggressive chemical cleaners that could damage the metal.

To maintain the appearance and durability of the furniture, apply protective metal wax every couple of months and try to protect metal outdoor furniture during winter or periods of inactivity with special covers. With these steps, your metal outdoor furniture will be ready to shine and resist the elements for a long time.

Once cleaning is complete, take a moment to admire the result: your metal outdoor furniture gleaming like new, ready to provide you with outdoor comfort and style.

What product should I use for outdoor furniture?

Give your outdoor furniture and space a new lease on life with a magic touch by using Chanteclair Degreaser with Baking Soda. This dynamic duo is the only combo capable of defeating dirt, stains and even the most stubborn encrustations.

Chanteclair Degreaser penetrates stains, while baking soda offers gentle but effective cleaning, so you can afford not to worry about damaging or scratching it. These two ingredients work as a team without leaving a mark!

All it takes is a spray and gentle rubbing to see its magic. After treatment, rinse thoroughly and dry well. Soon, your outdoor furniture and your outdoor space will shine with freshness and renewed beauty. Now, you have an ace up your sleeve to clean quickly and effectively, giving your furniture and your outdoor space a new look and feel. Transform your outdoor space into a gleaming area for relaxation!

Take note!

From garden chairs to outdoor dining tables, outdoor furniture adds style and comfort to your open-air space. Keeping them clean and fresh is essential to enjoy them to the fullest. Here are five clear, straightforward tips to help you make your outdoor furniture shine like new:

  1. Get prepared: collect all the tools, such as water, mild soap and a soft sponge. Starting off right is half the job!
  2. Initial rinse: before starting to clean, rinse away dust and debris with water. This will help you avoid unwanted scratches.
  3. Soft bristle: brush: use a soft brush to remove dirt without damaging the surface.
  4. Fight stains: if you encounter stubborn stains, like mould or rust, tackle them with dedicated products. But remember to read the instructions for your outdoor furniture to avoid damaging it.
  5. Proper drying: after cleaning, dry the furniture thoroughly. Leaving moisture can lead to water stains or corrosion over time.

Now you are ready to take on the dirt to make your outdoor furniture shine again. Follow these tips, devote a few minutes to regular cleaning, and you will be rewarded with an outdoor space that reflects your taste and commitment to care!

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