Home Care

Get all your surfaces sparkling clean. Discover all of our Universal Degreasers as well as our other Chanteclair products.


Universal degreaser

Discover the range of ultra-powerful detergents, effective even on stubborn dirt from every surface. Use here and there, they work everywhere!
Universal Limescale Remover-Chanteclair

Universal Limescale Remover

To remove even stubborn limescale from your bathroom, choose Chanteclair Universal Limescale Remover. Effective and gentle on surfaces.
Bathroom and WC-Chanteclair

Bathroom and WC

Try Chanteclair products developed especially to care for your bathroom for a sparkling clean.
Floor Degreaser-Chanteclair

Floor Degreaser

Chanteclair also specialises in Floor Degreasers! Find your favourite product among the ultra-powerful dirt removing and sanitising versions for a safe clean in your home.
Dish Soap-Chanteclair

Dish Soap

Dish Soap ensures impeccable cleaning for dishes and pots. The quick-rinse concentrated formula degreases deeply and removes stubborn dirt without leaving any traces or streaks.