Taking care of fabric

Discover the entire range of Chanteclair products for your laundry. Remove stubborn stains, leaving your clothes soft and smelling fresh.

laundry detergents-Chanteclair

Laundry detergents

Take care of your laundry with Chanteclair Laundry Detergents, specially formulated to remove stubborn dirt from fabrics at low temperatures.
Delicates and colours-Chanteclair

Delicates and colours

Choose the Chanteclair product line that offers you a product for each and every situation.
Fabric Softeners-Chanteclair

Fabric Softeners

Give your clothes the sublime scent and softness of Chanteclair Fabric softeners. Choose the fragrance that is right for you!
Fragrance Booster-Chanteclair

Fragrance Booster

Discover Chanteclair Fragrance Boosters for a boost of fragrance, and give your clothes a pleasantly fresh feeling.
Washing Machine Limescale Remover-Chanteclair

Washing Machine Limescale Remover

Maintain the washing machine and boost the effectiveness of detergent by adding Chanteclair NoCal Limescale Remover to each wash.
Pre-treatments and additives-Chanteclair

Pre-treatments and additives

Chanteclair Pre-treatments and Additives guarantee the removal of all stains from your clothes, even stubborn ones.